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Free Nintendo Wii U

Want the Free Wii U? You can get yours FREE, with the best freebie site around FreebieJeebies. With over thousands satisfied freebie hunters globally you can get your Free Wii U right now by reading the following Free Wii U guide. It’s fast, it’s easy, and its free!

As Proven by: BBC, NBC, T3, New York Times

As Proven by: BBC, NBC, T3, New York Times

How do you get a Free Wii U?

This method of receiveing Free Gadgets has been running for over a decade and been tried and tested by me and thousands of others, its simple and easy.

To claim you Free Wii U, the first step is to register with freebies site, FreebieJeebies. This site is run by a dedicated team that will support you to getting your Free Gift. Select the gift you want, and make sure when you register you use an email address  and the real delivery details, as this will be the address your Wii U will be sent out to.

The signup process completed, the second step is completing a offer, there will be tab you will see called “offers”. This is a step you can NOT miss, you must complete one offer listed on that page to receive your Free Wii U. There are wide range of offers from renowned companies for example HSBC, Coral, Intuit, and much more. All you need to do is simply complete one of these offers, that’s right just one offer to get one step closer to getting your Free Gift.

With the Nintendo Wii U announced to be released in 2012, don’t miss out and start early. Just complete the offer and once the freebie sites adds the Wii U you can select this free gift. It’s simple as that be sure to tell your friends and family as well as they would not want to miss out.

It does not stop there, once you have receieved your Free Wii U you can claim other fanastic free gifts, you can also get the brand new Free Nintendo 3DS handheld console, or even the Xbox 360 slim all free, there are a wide range of free gifts to sleect from. Start now! Check this Free Wii U guide HERE.

Recommened Free Offer To Complete

Once you have registered you will noticed there are a wide range of reputable companies you can complete a offer with, for example Blockbuster, LOVEFiLM and more. However at we tell you the best FREE offer to complete to so you do not have to pay a penny!

In the U.K the recommened free offer to complete is the Free LOVEFiLM  2for1 offer. In the USA and Worldwide we recommend the Frammarly offer, to complete this offer all you must do is rregisterfor a free trial annual membership. So what are you waiting for? Claim your Free Wii U today!



Claim You’re Free Wii U today!


Step 1

Firstly Sign Up Here and select the Nintendo Wii U as you free gift.

 Free Wii U

Step 2

Go on the "offers" page which is at the tob onced registered. Select one offer to complete. Check the requirements of the offer.

Free Wii U

Step 3

Now you are close to your own brand new Nintendo Wii U just wait for it to be added to the freebies list and get it delivered instantly to your door.